Things To Remember

  1. If you have a concern doesn’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, the Assistant Principal or Principal.
  2. Children should know their address, telephone number and how they get home from school – e.g. picked up by mum, takes the bus.
  3. Children should be able to recognise their clothes. All clothing and personal belongings must be named. If your child has a school bag please put a key tag or coloured ribbon on it to make recognising it easier.
  4. If you need to collect your child from school before the end of the day you need to go to the office and complete the early leavers register.
  5. If you change your job, address, or emergency contact person during the year please notify the school of the changes.
  6. Children should be on time for school. Please have your child at school between 8.45 am and 8:55 am.
  7. If your child is absent from school parents must provide an explanation either in writing, email, phone or explain in person.
  8. Excursions are an important part of the curriculum that your child is encouraged to attend.
  9. Thongs are not to be worn to school. School shoes or runners are the preferred choice.
  10. If you drive your child to school please observe all the parking laws, do not double park as this puts your child and others in danger.
  11. Bicycles, skate boards and scooters are not permitted to be ridden in the school grounds.
  12. Hats must be worn in terms 1 and 4 by all children for all outside activities.
  13. The newsletter is sent home or emailed on a weekly basis on Fridays. The newsletter is also available via our website
  14. School Flag Assembly is on every Monday morning at 8:55 am and Whole School Assemblies are at regular intervals throughout the year.