Lifelong Learning

We boast a strong history of partnership with families and the broader community.

Haddon Primary School is located within the Golden Plains Shire, 15km outside of Ballarat. Our staff are committed to developing students as life long learners. Our three values, Respect, Effort and Kindness, are the foundations of what our school is built on.


Prep – Grade 2

In these years the curriculum focuses on developing the fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviours in literacy and numeracy and other areas including physical and social capacities, which underpin all future learning. Children have as their main focus Literacy and Numeracy and other areas of the curriculum are integrated into these. Their social and personal skill development is important at this stage.

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Grade 3 – Grade 6

In these years the student’s progress beyond the foundations and their literacy and numeracy becomes more developed. An expanded curriculum program provides the basis for in depth learning within all domains in the strands.

In Years 5 and 6 young people become more complex thinkers. They begin to understand more abstract cognitive processes such as how to apply logical reasoning to both ideas and concrete objects. In other words, they begin learning how to apply many of the practical skills they have mastered in earlier years.

Our integrated teaching approach aligned with our use of technology in the classroom assists our senior students to remain engaged and focused on their learning.


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Specialist Programs

Art, Physical Education, LOTE/Japanese


A caring atmosphere with an exceptionally dedicated and passionate staff