“It’s not okay to be away.”

Regularly attending school is very important for a child’s contentedness and continuity of learning. Being away from school unless the child is ill disrupts their learning and in the early years at school some children may find it difficult to make friends. We recommend that unless your child is ill, your child attends school each day. Try to keep the days at home because of personal reasons to a minimum. Holidays during school time if taken in only in some years are great learning experiences but taken every year can disrupt your child’s education. It is expected that the school is notified via phone, email or written note of your child’s absence.


Late arrivals are very disruptive to classroom programs. Students should be at school by the first bell at 8.50am ready to start class at 9.00am sharp. All students late to school must receive a late pass from the office. Being on time also develops good habits for later in life. Early departures from school should also be kept to a minimum. Students leaving early must be signed out at the office. Early departures and late arrivals are recorded and entered on School Reports. 


Under the Education Department Regulations, the only acceptable reason for absence from school is illness or associated appointments. Parents are reminded that an explanation is required for every absence. The school records attendance electronically. When a child is absent from school for any reason parents are to notify the office by Compass, phone or FlexiBuzz App. This will ensure that we can account for your child at all times. If there is to be a prolonged absence it would be beneficial to notify school.  Attendance awards are given to students at the end of each term who have outstanding attendance at school.