Our School

Haddon Primary school is located in a rural area around 15km south west of Ballarat, 110km west of Melbourne CBD.

Our school has been providing education to our rural community for over 151 years. Originally located in School Road, Haddon, the official commencement date was August 8, 1870 and was the 1076 school to be built in Victoria, hence our school number. A weather board school building, with an iron roof was constructed in 1871 and remained part of the school until 1990 when a new school was built at our current site of 398 Sago Hill Road. The new Haddon Primary school was officially opened on March 15, 1991 by Hon Joan Kirner, MLA Premier of Victoria. Our students are drawn from the neighboring area and some small rural towns in the vicinity. Almost every student is transported by car or bus to Haddon Primary school. The 2023 enrolment is around 252 Prep-6 students.

The school stands out as you drive into Haddon. The grounds, sporting facilities and playgrounds are well maintained and the school has strong community support and joint use facilities. Innovative, integrated projects and education is a feature of the school’s curriculum. The students are focussed; behaviour is exemplary and academic standards and aspirations are high. A feature of the school is that teachers are dedicated to providing the best possible educational opportunities for each individual.

Community involvement in the school is encouraged with parents and community members giving their time to be involved in educational programmes, sporting events, fundraising events and environmental projects. The School Council is made up of school and parent representatives and is involved in whole school collaborative planning and decision making. Positive, engaged students, committed and involved teachers, dedicated hard working non-teaching staff and a supportive community that values education makes Haddon a brilliant school.

As with all schools, we strive to do better, we aim for not only high learning outcomes for all our students, but also for them to be curious and productive citizens of the 21st century. Community expectations are high as well as our stake holders.  We are responsive to our community and wherever work to resolve all concerns promptly with respect and care. Our values are well reflected within our school community and we keep students at the centre of our endeavour.

Mrs Maryanne Moody

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to Haddon Primary School.

Haddon is a fabulous school full of enthusiastic caring people. Every child at Haddon is valued as a special person with unique potential and abilities. Our school embraces the diversity of learners. We provide learning in a safe, nurturing, yet challenging environment where we promote the “have a go” philosophy free from ridicule or sense of failure. We aim for our students to aspire to be the best that they can be, our mantra for success.We work to achieve the highest standards for all students both with their achievements and personal development.

We are partners with our parents and promote lifelong learning both within and outside the walls. We embrace global learning through our strong I.C.T. and digital learning spaces.

Our teaching and learning programs are inclusive, of a high standard and are driven by continued capacity building of our staff. These wonderful people are our major resource and we are fortunate to have their dedication and energy. They are always moving forward to create high quality learning opportunities for their students.

All staff are committed to keeping our students at the centre of our endeavour. We boast a strong history of partnership with families and the broader community. Our values of: respect, effort and positive attitude underpin our focus on and ongoing triumph over bullying and harassment which we aim to achieve through the actions of good people. We, with our parent partners set strong foundations for good citizens. Although we are a rural school we offer the best of both urban and regional opportunities, there are no barriers that Haddon students cannot overcome. Our students are our inspiration.

Maryanne Moody


Prep – Grade 2

In these years the curriculum focuses on developing the fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviours in literacy and numeracy and other areas including physical and social capacities, which underpin all future learning. Children have as their main focus Literacy and Numeracy and other areas of the curriculum are integrated into these. Their social and personal skill development is important at this stage.

Grade 3 – Grade 6

In these years the student’s progress beyond the foundations and their literacy and numeracy becomes more developed. An expanded curriculum program provides the basis for in depth learning within all domains in the strands.

In Years 5 and 6 young people become more complex thinkers. They begin to understand more abstract cognitive processes such as how to apply logical reasoning to both ideas and concrete objects. In other words, they begin learning how to apply many of the practical skills they have mastered in earlier years.

Our integrated teaching approach aligned with our use of technology in the classroom assists our senior students to remain engaged and focused on their learning.

Specialist Programs

Students participate in Art, Japanese/LOTE, Physical Education and Music.