A core inclusive curriculum is provided with a relentless focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Environmental Responsibility.

Prep – Grade 2

In these years the curriculum focuses on developing the fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviours in literacy and numeracy and other areas including physical and social capacities, which underpin all future learning. Children have as their main focus Literacy and Numeracy and other areas of the curriculum are integrated into these. Their social and personal skill development is important at this stage.

Grade 3 – Grade 6

In these years the student’s progress beyond the foundations and their literacy and numeracy becomes more developed. An expanded curriculum program provides the basis for in depth learning within all domains in the strands.

In Years 5 and 6 young people become more complex thinkers. They begin to understand more abstract cognitive processes such as how to apply logical reasoning to both ideas and concrete objects. In other words, they begin learning how to apply many of the practical skills they have mastered in earlier years.

Our integrated teaching approach aligned with our use of technology in the classroom assists our senior students to remain engaged and focused on their learning.

Sounds Write

At Haddon Primary School, we teach phonics using a linguistic phonics programme called Sounds-Write – a proven Systematic Synthetic Phonics program. It is based on the science of reading and provides a structured, cumulative, and code-oriented approach to teaching reading and spelling. It starts with what children learn naturally, the sounds of their own language, and teaches them to represent those sounds in writing. Sounds-Write is a complete phonics curriculum that teaches the skills, concepts, and code knowledge necessary for children to read and spell.

Click here to read more about the Sounds Write program.

Parent Helpers

Parents may asked to support classroom activities, these may include working with the children in the classroom. We also like parents to be involved in the special activities annual and biannual events eg Art Show, as well as the numerous fundraising activities held throughout the year.

Some parents may also be asked to assist with excursions and swimming. Parent helpers are asked to have a Police check – in the interests of your children.

Parents are valued as the first teachers of children. In classrooms, we ask for your directed support – we maintain the responsibility for childrens’ learning and well being.

Early Years Program

Children in Prep to Grade 4 are considered to be in the “Early Years” of education. Preps to Grade 2 have an uninterrupted two-hour Literacy block daily, which focuses on Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening skills.

Children in Years Prep -2 take part in ‘Investigations’ which places the child at the centre of the curriculum and learning strategies. Students engage in activities that ensure authentic personalised learning. Formal instruction is still used, alongside much more active engagement of children working on their own investigations.

Student Leadership

Student leadership positions are finalised within the first few weeks of each year. Senior student leadership positions are School Captains, House Sports Captains and Vice Captains, Computer Captains and Vice Captains, Chess Club Captain, Library Monitors and Junior School Council Representatives.

Take Home Books

All children in Years Prep-4 have a Book Cover and will borrow books to read at home on a daily basis. Generally your child will be introduced to the book before he/she takes it home. To develop good reading habits and support your child’s learning, it would be appreciated if you could ensure that your child reads the book to someone at night and returns the book daily. Teachers will explain the purpose and procedures for hearing and changing Take Home books.


Physical Education

We are fortunate to have the use of the Haddon Recreation Centre for our sport sessions at school. Students participate in a minimum of two hours of physical activity a week within the school timetable. It is important that all students wear suitable foot wear to activity participate in the sport program.  Runners are necessary for P.E. for proper foot care and use of the Hall. If girls wear dresses/skirts, sports knickers are appropriate. There are a number of different sporting activities during the year which the year 3-6 students take part in and parents will be informed of the event and the cost involved.


Student will have a one hour, timetabled art lesson each week in the art room with the Art Specialist teacher. Children require an art smock to protect their clothing during art lessons.

Feel free to wander through the corridors to view the vibrant art displays.


Subject to staffing; children in years Prep to 6 will learn Japanese by an accredited Japanese teacher.


Children may borrow from the library most days from 8.50. A Library Bag is on the book list is available at the office.