Communication and Contact

Contact Us

Principal: Mrs Maryanne Moody

Assistant Principal: Ms Gaye Carrigan

Ph: 03 4344 4139


398 Sago Hill Road, Haddon, VIC, 3351

Newsletter:  A school newsletter is Compass every alternate Friday. PLEASE take time to read it and check the Calendar on the front page for what is happening in the school.  This is our main form of communication and if there are any changes or events you will get all the information here. If you require a hard copy please collect from the school office.

Reporting Student Progress to Parents

Semester Reports are sent home at the end of Terms Two and Four. Parent teacher interviews are held in terms 1 and 2.Teachers will contact parents if there are concerns about their child and parents are free to contact class teachers to arrange an interview to discuss their child’s behavioural or educational progress. Conduct cards are sent home each month. Reports concerning the performance of the entire student population and the school’s priority areas are presented to the Haddon School Council on a regular basis. An Annual School Report is available for parents to view. At all times the well being of your child is paramount. If at any time to experience concerns they need to be dealt with. Please contact classroom teacher. If further support is required make an appointment with the Principal or Assistant Principal and work though concerns. All concerns are treated with confidentiality and acted upon.