Going to your local school

Your child has the right to attend their designated neighbourhood school. This school is measured by a straight line from your permanent address, if you live in:

  • metropolitan Melbourne
  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Geelong.

To find if you are in the Haddon Primary school zone please visit findmyschool.vic.gov.au

Most parents send their child to the public school closest to where they live.

Every student has the right to attend their designated neighbourhood Government school.

HPS Enrolment forms can be downloaded here;

A birth certificate, or similar documentary evidence, is required for all new admissions.

It is a Department of Education requirement to record completed immunisation information on your child’s admission card. Therefore it will be necessary also to present your child’s Health Department Immunisation Record.

Enrolment is not complete until evidence is produced.

Updating Information

The information which you provide on Admission Forms is important in helping us look after your child, and should be kept up to date. In particular we need to know: Change of address, change of telephone number, fax number at home or work, change of parent’s work arrangements, change of student’s health/medical status or emergency contacts and any legal decisions that involve student welfare. We also ask parents to complete a form granting permission to use digital photos of their children in different publications.

For more enrolment information information go to ;

School Zones, Enrol in school and Getting to school.