Haddon Primary School

 A Positive Place to Be

RESPECT                   EFFORT                      KINDNESS

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to Haddon Primary School.

Haddon is a fabulous school full of enthusiastic caring people. Every child at Haddon is valued as a special person with unique potential and abilities. Our school embraces the diversity of learners. We provide learning in a safe, nurturing, yet challenging environment where we promote the “have a go” philosophy free from ridicule or sense of failure. We aim for our students to aspire to be the best that they can be, our mantra for success.We work to achieve the highest standards for all students both with their achievements and personal development.

We are partners with our parents and promote lifelong learning both within and outside the walls. We embrace global learning through our strong I.C.T. and digital learning spaces.

Our teaching and learning programs are inclusive, of a high standard and are driven by continued capacity building of our staff. These wonderful people are our major resource and we are fortunate to have their dedication and energy. They are always moving forward to create high quality learning opportunities for their students.

All staff are committed to keeping our students at the centre of our endeavour. We boast a strong history of partnership with families and the broader community. Our values of: respect, effort and positive attitude underpin our focus on and ongoing triumph over bullying and harassment which we aim to achieve through the actions of good people. We, with our parent partners set strong foundations for good citizens. Although we are a rural school we offer the best of both urban and regional opportunities, there are no barriers that Haddon students cannot overcome. Our students are our inspiration.

Maryanne Moody