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5/6 Newsletter Term 1: Newsletter_FEB_Respectful Relationships at Haddon Primary School



Our 5/6 students have been busy using ‘Garage Band’ to produce informative radio broadcasts for the Haddon community.

Students have selected issues or events that relate to Haddon Primary School or their local community. They have been through the process of scripting, rehearsing, creating/seeking their own music and editing. Please click the topic that takes your interest below!

Bus Travellers 

Chess Club


Haddon Basketball 

Haddon Netball 

3/4H Class Update

2/3C Class Update

Haddon Academy Awards

School Lunches


Lunch Orders

Haddon Church of Christ

Mud in the Playground


How to Enter a Classroom

How to Treat Computers

How to Line Up

Out of Bounds Areas

Do you have no one to play with?

Mini-Olympics 1

Mini-Olympics 2

Cross Country Running

Change of Clothes


Our Masterpieces on Display!

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What’s Happening in our Classrooms?

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