Students have a break every two hours for eating and drinking. This is a designated eating time where the children sit down and eat. It is not a playing time. To help your child in their first year it is a good idea to pack two small lunches, one to be eaten at 11:00am and the other to be eaten at 1.30 pm.

School lunch orders

These should be in an envelope and clearly marked with your child’s name, grade and the order. Lunch orders are placed in the ‘Lunch Order” bag in the classroom and are taken to the Office for collection each morning before 9.30.

For our prep students Lunch Orders are best left for a few weeks into the school year, when  children are in the school routines. It is also important to let your child know that there is a lunch order in their bag!

No lollies or soft drinks are to be ordered with lunch orders.

Parent and Friends Hot Lunches may be offered and ordered through the  year. Information will be provided on the newsletter.

Allergy Alert

We have several student’s in our school that have severe allergies to nuts / blue berries /mandarins and orange flavour enhancers found on burger rings and twisties. We request that students do not bring these products on to the school site to ensure the safety of students who have severe allergies. We recommend that parents reinforce to children not to swap or share their food as a further precautionary measure.