General Information


Parents will be notified of the cost of the booklist for their child’s year level and any other addition requisites their child may require in term 4 eg. art smock. Payment of the booklist is to be made through the office and the packages are delivered to school for use on the first day.

Money Sent to School

Please send any money to school in HaddonSchool envelopes. You will be provided with these envelopes when excursion notices are sent home. All money should be forwarded through the classroom teachers. The envelopes are sent, unopened, to the office. You will be issued with a receipt for the amount.

Credit Card Payments

Cash, Bankcard, Visa and MasterCard payment will be accepted for excursions and School commitments and may be made over the phone.


School Captains host the whole school assembly which is held on a regular basis throughout the year.  At the whole school assembly the school acknowledges students’ achievements in the social, sporting and academic areas through classroom awards.  Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Flag assemblies are held each Monday at  school. Students make acknowledgment of country , sing Advance Australia Fair and presented with merit awards.

School Photos

A commercial photographer attends once a year usually during term 1.The date is advised through the school newsletter. Class and individual photos are taken with an option of family photos as well. Buddy photos and leadership photos are also taken.

Photos are often taken of children engaging in school activities and excursions. These are displayed on the flat screen TV in the foyer of the school.

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