Twilght School Athletic Sports

Monday 2nd March, 2015

Haddon Primary School Twilight Sports Monday March 2


From a suggestion made at the parent forum held last year, this year’s athletic sports will be a twilight event. This may allow a lot of working parents and relatives to attend as well as keeping children out of the sun. The twilight sports will be held on March 2 with school  starting at 2:30 pm for all students . Children will assemble in House groups on the asphalt at 2:45 and march to the oval to commence the first event at 3:00pm.

The field events will run for two hours  then 1 hour tea break  5:00pm -6:00pm ( parents and friends will do some catering on the evening).  The track events will run from 6:00 -7:30pm.

There will be no school bus on this day.  All parents are invited to attend. Please note this an alcohol/ smoke free  event.