Swim Safety and Survival Grades 5/6

Friday 17th April, 2015

Swim Safety and Survival

Time: 9am-1pm

Grades participating: 5F, 5/6M and 5/6E

Federation University are offering Haddon Primary School students the opportunity to participate in water safety and survival sessions at UniSports. Students will divided into groups and will participate in water safety presentations, some basic first aid and practical rescue work in the pool with their qualified swim instructors. This is a great way to immerse students within our local community. It helps them to learn more about the facilities within their community and what they have to offer.

Students are required to bring:

googles (if necessary);
thongs or crocs to change into before we leave;
full school uniform;
usual school lunch (snack and lunch); and a
plastic bag or swimming bag to place wet bathers and towel in.

We prefer students to take a smaller swimming bag with their play lunch in a plastic bag so that they can leave their larger school bags at school where possible.

All medication (if any is required between 9am-1pm) must be given to the teacher the morning of the excursion before leaving; with very detailed instructions. At no time should students be carrying their own medication.