Sushi Lunch order due

Friday 13th June, 2014


One of the most well-known and popular Japanese foods is sushi. We would like to offer our students the opportunity to order some sushi for lunch on Japanese Day, TUESDAY 17TH JUNE. Cost is $3.00 per roll – rolls are full size as sold in shop. Please complete the order form below (a separate one for each student please) and return to school before FRIDAY 13th JUNE. Students may like to order their complete lunch, or for those who have never tried sushi before, this is the perfect chance to order a roll to try. NO LATE ORDERS ACCEPTED.

Sushi will be supplied from BALLARAT SUSHI PLUS, 629 Sturt St, Ballarat ARIGATOU (thanks!)

Japanese Sushi Lunch – TUESDAY 17TH JUNE

Please return order form with correct money enclosed to class teachers by Friday 13th June – No late orders accepted

NAME:______________________________________   GRADE:___________ Sushi Rolls ($3.00 each)





CALIFORNIAN ROLL (egg, carrot, avocado, cucumber)

Total Enclosed