Concert Rehearsal Day

Thursday 18th August, 2016

Rehearsal Day Her Majesty’s Theatre Ballarat

All students from Haddon PS will be travelling by bus to Her Majesty’s theatre in Ballarat for a concert rehearsal on THURSDAY August 18.

Foundation-2 children (in ELC) will leave school SHORTLY AFTER 9:00 am and will return to school around lunchtime. They will need to take snacks and a drink bottle to the theatre with them (these should be clearly named). Lunches which will remain at school.

As it is a tiring day and a late night, parents may decide to collect F-2 students early from school for an afternoon rest, before the performance.  This is up to the discretion of the parent.

Students in 2-6 in the main building, will leave school at 10:00 and require snacks and lunch (clearly named) on the day as well as a drink bottle of water.  These grades will return by 3:30.

ALL students must wear full school uniform.

No lunch orders on this day.

Please return the permission form to school by Friday August 12.

No child will be permitted to attend the rehearsal without the permission slip signed. Any outstanding concert charge of $12 must be paid before student will be permitted to attend the rehearsal.