Helpers for Art Show

Our first event is the Haddon Primary School Bi-annual Art Show, to be held on Wednesday the 16th of October.  This is a night held every second year at the school where the students get to showcase the art projects they have worked on throughout the year to family and friends.  This is a great family night with art show displays, market stalls and food sales.

Mounting of the children’s artwork has already started, so if you are available to lend a hand speak to Lisa (in the office) or Gaye.

Each art show year we also work on a major art project at the school.  Past years have seen Australia wildlife shapes scatted on the garden walls and for our last art show we had parents and students work on the beautiful and colourful mosaic pots which brighten up our school grounds.

This year we have one of our parents co-ordinating a beautiful tile/mosaic feature for the two brick walls leading up to the office/main entrance doors.  The mosaic tree designs will be feature hand painted ceramic leaves by each student currently attending the school.  These ceramic leaves have been made for our students and they will get to paint their own design using special water colour ceramic textas, that when baked will become permanent artworks.  The trunk of the tree and background will be filled with tile mosaic to complete this impressive artwork.

As this will be a permanent feature of the school you may wish to talk to your child about what they might like to draw on there leaf.  (No names, words, numbers will be allowed on the leaves) Bright and colourful patterns or drawings will work best for this project.   Children will have planning and practice time at school before completing their actual ceramic leaf.

Students will also be photographed with their completed leaf so they have a memento of what they have contributed to this great artwork. Keep an eye out in the newsletter for updates on how this project is progressing.  There will also be a need for parent helpers to complete this project.

IMG_4911IMG_4919 IMG_4918 IMG_4917