Welfare and Discipline

Medication Policy(2)

Behaviour Management 2014


First Aid

The school has trained Level 2 First Aiders; all children are attended to by one of them. If your child sustains a serious injury, you will be contacted immediately. Where possible, parents will be notified of any bump to their child’s head, which has occurred at school.

Please ensure that emergency contact numbers and medication information remains current. Minor first aid is recorded at school. A slip regarding the incident is sent home. It is critical that parents are covered by ambulance cover as if the child requires transport to hospital via ambulance it is extremely expensive.


Where possible, student medication should be administered by parents, at home. If a student requires medication at school a form must be completed for the child at the office.

School Nurse

A trained School Health Nurse visits the school during the year to carry out routine health checks on Prep students. Parent’s permission is required for this to take place.

School Psychologist

A School Psychologist visits the school on a needs basis.

Speech Therapist

A School Speech visits the school on a needs basis. The School Speech therapist may assess a child and plan a program for school and or home.

Food Allergies

We have children at school who have severe food allergies. The allergies relate to nuts and nut products and as well as blueberries oranges, twisties, cheese powders, mangos and milk.

Two children have a sensitivity level of 9/ 10 and any ingestion or skin contact with these foods will cause an anaphylactic reaction which is life threatening.

Parents are asked to be mindful of this when preparing food for their child’s snacks, lunches and any food taken into to the classrooms. All children, Prep- 6, are asked to eat outside food in the quiet area where the three allergy children are not permitted. Students who disobey this rule will be recorded in the Yard Behaviour book.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could minimize the number of nut products or as well as blueberries oranges, twisties, cheese powders, mangos and milk being brought to school.

The Art room cannot accept boxes which have contained any of these products.

Sun Smart

Children who do not have a hat must remain in the shaded areas of the school. A school hat must be worn in term 1 and 2 but children have a choice of hat in terms 3 and 4. Only school hats are to be worn on excursions.

Yard Duty

Children are always supervised outside at play time and lunch time. Two teachers are on duty in the school grounds, one on the oval and one in the school area. There are two playgrounds one designated for Prep- 2 students and the other for 3-6 students. 5 /6 students are permitted to use the tennis courts and the cricket nets. All students are permitted to play on the oval. No children are allowed to play at the front of the school.

Visitor’s Book

It is a Department of Education requirement that visitors sign a Visitor’s Book in the

school office. (For example, parent help, sports clinic leaders, trades people)

Bicycles in the School Ground

For safety reasons, bikes are not to be ridden within the school grounds. They must be wheeled to and from the bike rack. Students are required to wear a bicycle helmet by law.


Teachers recognise and reward positive behaviour. Children are asked to “put a marble in the jar.” to acknowledge good behaviour . When classrooms have 100 marbles in the jar, a class reward is negotiated.

Inappropriate behaviour takes learning time from all students. Children who disrupt have their name written on the board. If there is another incident, a tick is put by their name. Time out – for one hour – in another classroom is the next consequence. Inappropriate Playground is recorded in the “Red Books”.

Examples of inappropriate behaviour are: bullying (physical, verbal, emotional), out of bounds and rough play. Children who use the playground appropriately are rewarded. Conduct cards, which record your child’s behaviour, in classes and the playground, are sent home monthly. They are signed by teachers and are to be signed by parents and returned.