Our History

Our school has been providing education to our rural community for over 143 years.

Originally located in School Road, Haddon, the official commencement date was August 8, 1870 and was the 1076 school to be built in Victoria, hence our school number.

A weather board school building, with an iron roof was constructed in 1871 and remained part of the school until 1990 when a new school was built at our current site of 398 Sago Hill Road. The new Haddon Primary school was officially opened on March 15, 1991 by Hon Joan Kirner, MLA Premier of Victoria.

The first Headmaster of Haddon PS was Elijah Binder and the school enrolment was 58 children with the average attendance of 28 students. By 1879 there were 320 children enrolled at the Haddon Primary School.

After the ‘gold rush’ in Victoria, numbers at the Haddon PS rapidly declined and in 1956 the enrolment at the school was 15 students.

The Haddon community start to develop and expand again and from the 1980s the Haddon School has grown from a small 2 teacher schoo,l to a community school with a current enrolment of 220.

Located a short distance from Ballarat, we boast a fully integrated facility.

The Golden Plains Shire, in partnership with the education department established the learning precinct with all community facilities located together.

We have our Kindergarten at the back of the school and the Golden Plains Northern Community Centre  bordering our oval. The Haddon Recreation Centre is linked directly to us, providing the students with a fully equipped stadium and carpeted meeting room. Our tennis courts and cricket nets add to the opportunities  for students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In addition we are located near the Haddon Common. This is an environmental area where our students can explore and we host bike rides and canoeing activities throughout the year.                                                                                                 .oxford press page 2 img20141014_16561475 1990 walk to the new school location on Sago Hill Road.