School Performance PERFECT PITCH Thursday August 16, 7:00pm Founders Theatre MtHelen

Wednesday 15th August, 2018

Thursday August 16 is the day of our biennial school performance at Founders Theatre, Federation University, Mt Helen. During the day, students will travel to the theatre for a rehearsal (permission forms must be signed for this). The Prep and 1 classes will return to school at or before lunchtime. Parents can use their discretion if they need collect P-1 students early from school for a rest in the afternoon before the long evening.

ON THE NIGHT…………………………..

Parking : Please use the side or back car parks at Federation University for parking.

Do not park on the grass a fines will be issued.

Student entry to Founders Theatre via the side door (check map) which is located at the side of the theatre.

Ticket holders enter through the front door of Founders Theatre into the foyer. Ushers will assist in finding your seat.

To make for a smoother entry into the building, there will be THREE lines,   please line up in the line that corresponds with the letter of the child’s SURNAME,  A-F  ,  G-M   , N-Y .   Cards will be on display outside the building. Please be patient as this can be time consuming and be aware of the weather conditions outside, you may need coats or an umbrella .

Children will be checked off as they arrive and teachers or student helpers will escort the younger students to their waiting area (just inside the door). The class teachers and helpers will assist with changing into the costumes.


The stage door will not be open until 6:00pm.

Children in Years Foundation -2 are required at the theatre between 6:00 and 6:15pm with the items/hairstyles required for their grade’s item.

Students in Years 3-6 will be required between 6:15 and 6:25 with the items/hairstyles required for their grade’s item. All students are also asked to bring a water bottle and a snack (in a named bag or small back pack) which they can have during the evening.

Older students (Yr3-6), who have siblings in Prep-2 will be permitted to enter at the same time as their younger sibling(s) at 6:00.

Students will be sitting in a common room watching the performance on a large screen.

Prep – 1 students will have a separate room to retire to after their performance where they can rest, have a snack and drink.

Doors to Founders theatre will open at 6:15 pm with the performance starting at 7:00pm.

Programs will be on sale in the foyer at 6:15pm for $2 each- Please have correct money (extras can be obtained from the school office the next day).

After the performance – collection of children

After nearly two hours of entertainment on the stage, the curtain must fall on another fantastic Haddon performance. To ease the chaos when picking up your little stars, we have devised a system which allows everyone to collect their children in an organised manner.

At the conclusion of the performance, Mrs Moody will ask families with surnames starting A & B to make their way down the left front steps of the stage. C D to the right front steps of the stage.  From there, families can collect their children, have them marked off the roles by a teacher, and move outside of the theatre . Once A – B families are clear, E & F will move  to the left  and G&H to the right, and so on, until we have all students collected.

Teachers will be on the steps holding the relevant alphabet card up. To avoid congestion, it is suggested that only one parent collect children from the front of the stage.

Please understand that this process will take time but will ease congestion.

Volunteers and ushers will assist in guiding you to where you need to be.

The safety of our students at Founders Theatre is our primary concern during this time.

In the unlikely event of an evacuation from the theatre, before, during or after the performance all children will stay together as a class with the classroom teacher (and assistants) and follow the evacuation procedure as outlined in Founders Theatre evacuation plan. Staff have been briefed on the procedure.
Thanking you for your cooperation and understanding.


















Front Door to Founders Theatre



After such a big night many children will be extremely tired, therefore we will not be recording late arrivals to school on Friday morning. Parents may use their discretion as to the time their child arrives at school.