Haddon Mini Olympics Friday August 5 at 1:30pm

Wednesday 27th July, 2016

Haddon Primary School will be holding their own mini Olympics in the Haddon recreation centre on Friday August 5. Students will have an early lunch and commence the mini Olympic with an opening ceremony at 1:30pm. Students in Years 5&6 will facilitate the activities which the students in F-4 will participate in.

Every class has been  allocated a country and a colour. Please try and dress your child in the appropriate colour listed below as they will march into the hall representing that country.

Class Country Colour -FK Italy White, F1B Jamaica Black ,10 China Yellow, 1/2K France Dark Blue, 2/3C India Orange ,3/4H Turkey Red, 4F Ethiopia Light Blue, 5/6E  & M Brazil Green .

We hope to see you all at our mini Olympics!